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Pallet Industries offers standard and custom new pallets, in pine or hardwood, to meet any product handling need. We can provide pallets to your existing spec and we can also visit your facility, analyze your products, and design a pallet to serve safely and affordably.

Typical New Pallet styles:

  • Stringer Pallets are made with dimensional lumber separating the top and bottom decks. They can be made with either two-way or four-way forklift access. This is the most common pallet design used domestically.
  • Block Pallets incorporate solid wood blocks to separate the decks and, by design, provide four-way forklift access. Many manufacturers for export use block pallets, and some large retailers such as Costco insist suppliers deliver to them on block pallets only.
  • Skids are pallets that have no bottom deck. Some commodities such as turf are shipped on skids, and many warehouse conveying systems are designed to handle skids exclusively.

Stringer Pallets


Block Pallets